Light Up This Nation

taught by Grace Albaugh
Grace Albaugh
Grace Albaugh


I can tell you about all the reasons why I am qualified to lead a movement centered in love and kindness but I would rather tell you why I desire to lead a movement centered in love and kindness.

I’ve been so saddened by what I’ve been seeing, hearing, and reading from many of those around me. The despair, anger, hopelessness, frustration… the list goes on. These beautiful people seem to be stuck, focusing on the negativity surrounding them. In turn it tries to pull me in as well. My hope is that I can do my small part to help turn this around.

I have made it a priority in my life to live each day in a state of gratitude. To fill myself with love and share it with those around me. To act in ways that are respectful and kind. To be proactive in handling my fears, frustrations and anger as they arise. I consciously choose, each and every day to live this way. It brings me joy but it’s also a bit lonely to go it alone. I’d love for you to join me.

I have a lifetime of experience that has brought me to this time and place. I have done many things in my life and cared for many people. My life has been full and rich with life’s blessings and life’s challenges. Here I am. Ready to serve, lead and learn with you. I’m dedicated to try every day to practice what I teach. I’m far from perfect in my own practice of love and kindness. None of us are. It takes real effort to do this every day. That’s why community is so important.

So, I ask you again… will you join me? Will you join us?

I hope you will!